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Workwear Every Nurse Needs For The Emergency Room

Working as a nurse in an emergency room setting can be hectic. You may have multiple patients that need your attention. You may also have patients transported to different spaces in the hospital, including X-ray areas and laboratories for different tests. This type of environment means basic nursing scrubs and workwear may not be enough. Here are some of the workwear options every nurse needs for working in the emergency room. 

Spandex Scrubs 

The material for standard scrubs ranges from cotton to polyester blends. In the last few years, however, the nursing workwear industry has upgraded the materials they use. One of these materials is spandex. Spandex scrubs offer several benefits to nurses working in emergency rooms or other face-paced settings. One of the biggest benefits is the ability of the material to resist stains and sweating. This means there is less odor during or after a shift, and the stains from blood and other bodily fluids are also greatly reduced. 

Antimicrobial Scrubs

Emergency rooms are known for issues such as coming in contact with bodily fluids. These fluids can be blood, vomit, or infected liquids from various wounds. If you come in contact with these fluids, they can transfer illness and enter your body through skin contact. Scrubs that are listed as antimicrobial will help offer resistance to these fluids. These types of scrubs have a layer that prevents or resists fluids from leaking through your scrubs to your skin. You may also see these types of scrubs and workwear listed as fluid barrier scrubs. 

Flexible Material Scrubs

When you are in an emergency room environment, you will move around a great deal. You will be bending, pulling, and lifting throughout the night. This means you need a workwear material that can move with you. Flexible material scrubs offer that option. These scrubs are usually made from a combination or mixture of two stretchable materials such as spandex or lycra. The blended material gives more movement without the feeling of constraint other materials may cause. You may also find other materials used with a blend of spandex to give you maximum movement without shrinkage issues in the washer. 

These are just some of the workwear options for nurses to make their work in the emergency room easier. If you are ready to upgrade your nursing scrubs, visit your area workwear dealer. They can help you find the right scrubs for your needs. They can also help with workwear-related nursing shoes as well as nursing accessories. 

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